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Does your Killeen Texas, home have roof damage from the spring storms

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How Do You Know If Your Roof Was Damaged After A Storm In Killeen, Texas?

Did you know the most common reason for roof damage in Texas is bad weather? And unfortunately, it only gets worse if left to spread throughout the house.

So, the sooner you notice roof damage after a storm and take care of it, the better! However, not everyone knows the signs of roof damage. It's often more subtle than fallen tree branches on rooftops, and every homeowner should be prepared to do a thorough look throughout their property for small concerns.

Here's everything you need to know about storm roof damage so you can decide if you need to call roofers in Killeen, TX, for service!

Types of Damage


In the Killeen area, hail storms are less frequent, but they can still cause a ton of damage to your roofif you are not diligent about getting everything taken care of.

Some warning signs after a hailstorm include shingles that are:

• Dented

• Cracked

• Shifted


Strong winds during a storm can carry items like sticks, branches, and other debris. If any of these land on your roof or collide with your roof, you might have some broken or shifted shingles to worry about.

Otherwise, you should make sure to remove smaller branches before they cause any issues in the future.


Wind damage will result in shingles curling upwards, warping, or shifting shingles. When any of these happen during a storm or throughout a storm season, your roof loses its watertight seal. This exposes your entire structure to severe water damage, mold and leads to a full replacement.


If your home is not properly waterproofed or is flat, water damage can be a major issue. On flat roofs, you are likely to see water pools that seep into your underlayer and causes harmful problems, like:

• Warping

• Mold and mildew growth

• Discoloration of drywall

How to Inspect Your Roof and Property

When you check your attic, look for problems with leaks or stains that indicate water damage from a broken shingle. You should also look for rotting wood and streak marks that indicate problems with the shingles above it.

Ceilings should be checked for streaks, water damage, and wet spots because these are indicators of another leak closer to the gutters.

Walk around your home and look at the roof from the ground to see if there are any areas where shingles are shifted, cracked, or lifted. While checking, look for debris and particles on the ground that could be harmful or dangerous, like nails, broken shingles, or fallen branches and logs.

What If You Find Severe Damage?

If you find any of these warning signs, call your roofers in Killeen, Texas, to inspect the property. Don't try to make your own repairs because you could be injured or make the issues worse. You also run the risk of overlooking a major repair that experts of roofing in Killeen, TX, are trained to notice.

Final Thoughts

After a bad storm, check your home to make sure that it is in good order. If you find any signs of damage from hail, debris, wind, or water, don't wait for the damage to get worse; make sure to call up your roofers in Killeen, TX right away.

The sooner you can get your structure repaired and get professional roofing companies in Kileen, TX, to visit your property, the less it will cost you in the future!

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